Transportation Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab of CE Department has been operating since Fall 2018 semester. This lab is well equipped for testing highway materials like aggregate, bituminous material etc.

Facilities of this Laboratory:

Following facilities are provided by Transportation Engineering Lab for testing and research.

SL No.Experiment Name

Tests on Aggregates
1Aggregate Impact value
2Aggregate Crushing Value
3Ten Percent Fines Value
4Determination of Flakiness Index
5Determination of Elongation Index
6Determination of Angularity Number

Traffic Engineering
7Traffic (Roadway Capacity)
8Traffic (Saturation Flow)

Tests on Bituminous Material
9Specific Gravity of Bituminous Material
10Loss on Heating of Oil & Asphaltic Compound
11Penetration of Bituminous Material
12Softening Point of Bituminous Material (Ring & Ball Method)
13Solubility of Bituminous Material
14Ductility of Bituminous Material
15Flash & Fire Points of Bituminous Material (Cleveland Open Cup Method)

CBR and Bituminous Mix Design
16California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
17Marshall Method of Mix Design

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