Participation in MIST CE FEST 2019

This was our first participation in any civil contest. Last week we participated in MIST CE FEST 2019 (TRUSS CHALLENGE). In this event we had to construct a Truss within 3 hours of time . And we finished it successfully. After that an expert panel of jury came to see our truss and they said that our truss is the strongest among the others and they praised our truss. Finally load test was done in which our truss passed 27 kg load successfully with 25 kg static load and 2 kg dynamic load having a self weight of 237 gm. Unfortunately our truss failed due to a weak Popsicle. The team which got first took 35 kg of load. We were so close .

So it was a very good experience for us to share with all of you . I hope in the next time BAIUST will be winner in this type of competition .

A video and some clicks of our truss with some other trusses from this event are attached below.

Thanks everyone for reading this post.


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